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Healthy, Nutritious, and Delicious!

Homemade Snack Sticks

Try a pack of our healthy meat sticks today! Our sticks are made from 100% natural high-quality beef and seasoned with natural spices to make 15 flavors for you to choose from. Not only they delicious, but they are also high in protein and are the perfect snack! See our flavors below.

- Old Fashion

- Landjager

- Pepperoni

- Beer

- Beer & Cheese

- Teriyaki

- Pepper

- Jalapeño

- Jalapeño & Cheese


- Bacon & Cheese

- Hot n Spicy

- Habanero

- Sweet n Spicy

- Bloody Mary

Beef Jerky

The perfect on-the-go snack! Lynn's Custom Meats make 4 different flavors of delicious Beef Jerky. Our jerky is made from 100% natural high-quality beef. Great for everyday snacking and for bringing along on your vacations. See our list of flavors below.

- Regular

- Teriyaki

- Bloody Mary

- Honey Pork

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