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Delicious Summer & Smoked Sausage

Flavorful Smoked Sausage

Enjoy the best smoked sausages from Lynn's Custom Meats! Our smoked sausages are seasoning with just the right amount of natural seasonings and smoked to perfection. See our full list of smoked products below.

- Ring Bologna

- Natural Casing Hot Dogs

- Smoked Andouille

- Smoked Polish Sausage

- Smoked Brats

- Smoked Pork Chops

- Canadian Bacon


Summer Sausage

Lynn's Custom Meats makes the best summer sausage. Hands down! You'll have to try some for yourself. With 11 flavors, we have the perfect sausage for your snacking or upcoming party. See our list of flavors below.

- Old Fashion

- Medium Garlic

- Heavy Garlic

- Beer

- Bacon & Cheese

- Cranberry Wild Rice

- Sweet n Spicy

- Hot n Spicy

- Habanero

- Jalapeño

- Jalapeño & Cheese

Tasty Bacon & Breakfast Sausage

Start the morning right with breakfast sausages and bacon from Lynn's Custom Meats! See our flavors below.

- Original Breakfast Links

- Maple Breakfast Links

- Double Smoked Bacon

- Pepper Bacon

- Garlic Pepper Bacon

- Cinnamon Bacon

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